Make Sliders with unique Layouts

Play with available styles, round border, and more!

BubiBlock Slider Transitions

Unique transitions, to give your site movement.

BubiBlock Slider Arrow Style

Lots of Arrow Icons available.

BubiBlock Dot Settings and Progress Bar

Customize the dots with the colors and shapes that best suit your design. You can also insert a progress bar in the dots.

BubiBlock Slider Typography

Choose the right typography for your branding. A customizable progress bar is available, both in color and in position.

BubiBlock Dividers

Many masks available, with the possibility of delaying the effect.

Image and Text

You can use our Slider to show your best products.

Slider in Widgets and Columns

BubiBlock Slider fits perfectly even in small spaces.

With the new update of the Gutenberg editor, you can now insert your blocks into Widgets.

This way you can promote your works in the Sidebar for example.

Our Slider is fully responsive, adapting best to your design.

You can also use the column design to highlight your products with BubiBlock Slider, adding your own descriptions as you see fit.

You can also insert our Slider in the Footer of your site, with Gutenberg blocks the possibilities are endless.